The story of a hitman for hire

Hitmen for hire story. Here you will find a story about a client requiring a hitman. Please visit our contact page to get in touch with a hitman.

4/23/20244 min read

hitman in black shirt wearing black cap
hitman in black shirt wearing black cap

Here is a client contacting us to hire a hitman. This story is about a target individual who lives in Houston, Texas.I want the contract killing job and assassination to be done now and I will pay the hitman or several hitmen double after it's done meaning on the second part you will get much more than you were asking for. I just want this job done and that is why I was interesting to hire your services. You guys need to understand, because the first hitman did get into an accident. The second turned off his phone, and on Sunday the guy that is supposed to be dead now, threatened me with a knife inside of the building in front of my apartment door.

I am going to repeat this again I didn’t do anything to him or kick his ass, or killed him yet because I will pay you guys to take care of it, and I do not want to get arrested because now this is revenge with love attached. I really hope this job can be done; the guy needs to be gone by April 26th this is the plan.

I want the robbery on the girl to happen because I like her and she admitted that she likes me to. he is afraid to leave her boyfriend, and with him out of the picture me and her can be together, and going back to the robbery thing on the girl and her parents is because I want her to feel safe around me, and forget that the guy exists. Of course, for her not to connect the dots that i had the guy killed, and guys the guy beats on her I saw him punching her stomach, slap her and grab her by the neck on the building entrance, many times.

The plan for the hitman is the following

When he leaves her house, the guy will get kidnapped and beaten at gunpoint, at 9.45 in the morning the girl needs to get the breakup text, from his phone.

On Friday morning after the kidnap of the guy you will send a email with a new invitation to her parents with a conference that is happening related to their job, the conference needs to happen Friday it’s a all day event. That same Friday, the hitman will rob the girl at gunpoint outside at the entrance of the building. After the robbery on Sunday at two in the morning the hitman will rob the girls house, with a gun to scare her parents.

How the killing will take place

When your guys kill the guy make sure he gets tortured, cut his d1ck off when his alive. Please make sure when you do that he stays alive, rip his finger nails when he is alive. You also have to electrocute him throughout his dick, break his arms when his still alive break his legs when is still alive, drown his face in water when his still alive. After he is dry, you will burn him while he is still alive, make sure when you do that his mouth is taped.

The girl leaves her house in the morning at 9.20 A and she is in the coffee shop at 9.30 AM until 10 AM. On Thursdays, the girl gets home between 1.30 PM and 2 PM to go and lunch without her parents. The guy shows up or Tuesdays or Wednesdays depends on his mood, and he always leaves his shoes outside. I will be there for the plan to be executed.

Keep in mind

· You have to catch him as soon as he leaves the entrance of her building, or before. If he is with the girl the hitman will not do anything, only after if he is not with the girl the hitman will do his job.

· The phone number of the girl that the breakup text will be sent from the guy's phone will be provided to you the day the task will be done.

· The guy catches an Uber home at night so it will be easy to kidnap the guy.

· The hitman needs to wait for him in her building.

· If the hitman sees it’s him and he's not with the girl, the hitman will do his job.

· The guy waits for the girl between 5 and 6 PM because she leaves her job at 6 PM.

· Kidnap of the guy when he leaves her house that week of course.

· The text message needs to be sent the very next day. I need a photo of the text sent from his phone to the girl via telegram, I will arrange a contact number for the photo of the text to be sent to me.

· I want live text updates, with photos and videos.

· The event and the robbery on the girl need to happen on May 10th, because I will be booking lunch with my uncle that day. I want her to be there without worries, plus I am going on holiday with my friends in the summer and I want her to be there with me.

· The hitman will rob her and take everything she has.

· The guy needs to disappear next week please.

So, you have until this Sunday to find a new hitman, to do the job, keep me updated and don’t ghost me. I need this to be done urgently. That shit gets me stressed and anxious.

And let me finish this but this getting delayed and excuses being made I am starting to believe that I need to be more patient. You have until the end of this week to confirm with me everything and remember that I want to receive a video of him getting kidnapped.

Let’s get to work please, I promise that I will not be pay you your fees, I am just tired of not having my girlfriend with me. Plus, after this I have a job for you guys to find my dad, but one thing at a time.