”In 2019 I made the biggest mistake of my life when I decided to rent my house in Cancun to this old French woman without signing a rental contract.

After paying the first month's rent, she decided that she was no longer going to pay me rent and she told me that she was not going to leave my house. She told me clearly: This is my house, this house does not belong to you!

I went to court to try to get my property back, but she filed a police report for fraud against me. She told the prosecutor that she bought the house from me and that I refused to give her a sales contract. After 2 years fighting in court, I looked online for where to hire an experienced assassin or sniper and contacted Hitman.cx, a famous hitmen agency that has presence also in Mexico.

I gave him all the information about the lady and the address and the next thing I knew my problems were solved. Thank God, she is no longer in this world. She's probably in hell right now..”

- Clarice Turner

”I want to share my experience with them. Two years ago, I made a mistake by opening a business with a friend I trusted, but my life completely changed for the worse.

We agreed that we would share the profits half and half, but he never kept his promise and ended up keeping all the profits for himself.

Also, he wrote something nasty about me on Facebook that ruined my reputation. Unfortunately, I couldn't go on living knowing what he did to me.

Then a friend of mine recommended I hire a hitman. I searched online to hire a gunman or hitman in Brazil and finally found Hitman.cx.

They did the job correctly and quickly. Now everything is back to normal in my life..”

- Dianne Brooks-DeSantis

”When my father died in 2018, I inherited land outside the city of Manchester.

Unfortunately that's when my problems started with my older brother who tried to take the land from me using holes in the law.

After fighting with him in court and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, I consulted hitman services in England to help me resolve my issues.

Now my life is back to normal thanks to his hard work and dedication to helping me eliminate my brother.

If you want to hire a hitman in England, call Hitman.cx, they are the best! Now I can tell my brother Rest in piss brother!.”

- Roy Chamberlain

woman in white knit sweater
woman in white knit sweater
”I really recommend these services. She used to work for a company and her manager was very selfish and on top of that, instead of promoting me, he promoted another girl who seemed to have a crush on her.

The problem was that she treated me badly every day and I couldn't stand seeing the two of them always hanging out together after our night shift. I was totally desperate, so I asked around for information on hiring a hitman and contacted Hitman.cx.

I gave her all of his information, including photos and the exact address of his home and work, and a couple of days later, all my problems at work were resolved.

Thank God my life completely changed with their help. Without them, I don't know what I would have done, as I was going completely crazy. I would definitely contact him again if I have any problems with another person making my life difficult.”

- Lina Wong Gomes

tilt shift photograpy of a man in pink crew-neck T-shirt
tilt shift photograpy of a man in pink crew-neck T-shirt
”I can't say much but all I can say is that I used to work as a personal assistant for a diplomat.

There was a woman who had information about that diplomat and that information was extremely defamatory.

That minister asked me to secretly contact a hitman to find a solution to save his reputation before it's too late. I was in desperate need of hiring a hitman from a contract killing agency so I searched the internet for how to hire a hitman and found Hitman.cx

I can't give more details but all I can say is that the person who had that information about the minister is no longer here, he is now in heaven.”

- Tomas Fredericsson